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Stephen Greenwood

About Stephen

Hello! I’m Stephen Gordon Greenwood, welcome to my personal and professional blog.

I’d define myself as a modern financial innovator and who is constantly exploring new financial technologies. I am an emotive and thoughtful person who wants to achieve solutions where every party wins.

Charity, morality and ethics are extremely important values to me, whether in my business or personal life. I have 25 years finance experience of corporate roles across some of the largest companies in the world including BNP Paribas, Willis Plc and Equifax.

My corporate experience includes roles in banks, private equity institutions, risk management firms, corporate insurers, financial analysts and unit trust investment vehicles. 

I have pioneered new financial innovations such as Un-Funded Private Equity, Deferred Finance, SME Securitisation, Retained Private Equity and the new concept of the MIBO™, the Management Involved Buyout.
My private life includes a continued academic study of romantic classical music and performing live charity concerts, where performance fees are all used to support charities or community interest initiatives.

I studied classical music at Leeds University, Essen Verden School of Music in Germany and at The Conservatoire of La Linea in Cadiz. My studies have included the compositions of J S Bach and the romantic works of Francisco Tarrega, Andres Segovia, Joaquin Rodrigo and Isaac Albeniz on the Spanish Classical Guitar.

Academically, I have completed written training papers on engineering buyouts for institutions such as the ICAEW & ACCA and for regulated entities and professionals. I will consider guest writing features or columns if values are aligned and will publicly speak to group audiences to speak about the ethical engineering of buyouts, SME Securitisation or symmetric business thinking.

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